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Bento Gon?alves, RS - Brazil

The Next Gen Ensemble

Oakland, CA

United States


Participants in the "Art & Social Action" conference for Next Gen leaders join together to create a special evening of performance in August 2010.


Oakland, CA

United States


WING IT! Performance Ensemble was formed by Phil Porter and Cynthia Winton-Henry in 1989. Since then the company has created full length improvised countless concerts of dance, storytelling and music. They have been featured in a form of community-based performance called "The Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human" in San Francisco, Seattle, Raleigh/Durham, Sydney, and Chicago. They frequently appear in benefits for other causes including Habitat for Humanity, breast cancer research and AIDS organizations.

The company uses the practice of InterPlay as the basis for their work. Each concert is different and although they are often organized under a particular theme, the specific content of any particular performance is unplanned. WING IT! is known both for its humor, poignancy and sheer humanity. This Oakland based company has spawned other InterPlay-based performance companies in Seattle, Chicago, and Raleigh/Durham.

The Big Yes

Washington, DC

United States


The Big Yes began in the summer of 2006, and so far we've been meeting on a bi-weekly basis, playing together and starting to rehearse. We're getting ready for prime time and will make our debut on Mardi Gras, February 20, at the Friendship Place Retirement Community in DC.

Soulprint Players

Atlanta, GA

United States


Soulprint Players InterPlay performance group was founded in 2014 by Jennifer Denning. The group often performs in collaboration with community events including Decatur Arts Festival, 100,000 Poets for Change & Little Five Arts Alive! Past themes have included "Earth Wisdom," "The Art of Being Human," and "The Art of Play: A Civil Right."

Soulprint Players

Atlanta, GA

United States

(404) 272-0848

The Soulprint Players are an InterPlay performance ensemble directed by Jennifer Denning. Using the improvisational forms of InterPlay, Soulprint Players use suggestions and information from the audience to create dance, song and story in the moment. Interplay performance is a vehicle for group exploration of themes both difficult and sublime. Many performances have been in community partnership and have focused on using InterPlay to tell important history and activate social change. The ensemble consists of trained performers as well as those new to performance. A common thread in the ensemble is the willingness to explore truth in the moment and express that through the common language of the InterPlay forms.

Wheeling High School Orchesis


United States


Wheeling High School Orchesis is the student performing company at Wheeling comprised of 35-40 male/female dancers aged 15-18. All dance students at Wheeling are exposed to beginning InterPlay practices within the curriculum. Orchesis members audition to be in the company, 1/3 of the audition is improvisation. Each year they work with at least 5 guest artists, host one main, one informal, and a benefit concert for AIDS organizations. They host numerous outreach events, children's workshops, and volunteer yearly on Chicago's Dance for Life. See the website for more information.


Chicago, IL

United States


Marti, Stacy and Gay met in 2000 while training in Jane Siarny's first Leader Training Program (prior to the LPP) and reunited in 2012 at Gay's Word Play class. <4TELL is a small performance art group created out of our regular practice with InterPlay and theater-based forms as well as Marti's directorial stage experience. 4TELL is proud to be performing their new work "Somewhere Under the Table" debuting in Jan. at Rhino Fest 2014, Chicago's longest running fringe art festival, based on the stories of our lives and is enriched by sound architecture by musician-artist Doug Chamberlin. />

InterPlay Des Moines

Des Moines, IA

United States


Mary Ellen Lewis, Dee Martin, George McKeever, and Anne Murr

S'Moves Performing Company

Lansing, MI

United States


S'Moves Performing Company is a group of four "over 50" artists. John MacDonald is primarily interested in modern dance, improvisation and choreography. Rosemary Edgar is a singer, dancer and story-teller and Roberta Otten-Mason is a dancer, choreographer, storyteller and singer. Barabra Freeman is our pianist extraordinaire. S'Moves was started in 2005 and seeks to create works that are accessible to the general population of all ages and address issues and interests our life time experience has accessed.

SoulPlay Performance Ensemble

Minneapolis, MN

United States


SoulPlay Performance Ensemble was started by CathyAnn Beaty and Don Portwood in 1996. Current members are Anita Doyle, Marty Roddy, James Shattauer, Paula Spiteri, Kennet Yoder and CathyAnn Beaty.

Impromptu Players

Durham , NC

United States


Impromptu Players is directed by Laurece West and Terry McCarthy. We perform at Ronald McDonald Houses, children and adolescent hospital Psych Units, convalescent centers, libraries, churches and wherever we are called. We create stories, songs, dances and music on the spot with audience input. Our primary goal in sensitive population performances has been energizing the audience to get up to participate as much as possible, to tell their own stories, sing, dance and hoop with us. We witness them finding joy in the creation of artistic play.

Off The Deep End

Raleigh, NC

United States


Off The Deep End Ensemble originated by design from the artistry of Tom Henderson and Ginny Going. Both served as Artistic Directors of the troupe for 15 years. In 20010/1211 season, Tom managed the direction of the ensemble alone as Ginny pursued creative venues outside of the troupe. The season of 2012/2013 started a new directorship with Interplay Leaders, Ken Miller, Roger Adkins and Donna Boyd, leading the ensemble. Link to the web site shows all current members and names. An impressive group of 13 storytellers, singers, musicians and dancers bring unscripted irreverent, funny and poignant artistic pieces to audiences. Off The Deep End promotes assisting non-profits with fundraisers and anyone else who’ll hire them! With their unique style of humor, grace and connection, they make community in the present moment.

Off The Deep End Ensemble

Raleigh, NC

United States


Off the Deep End Ensemble transforms the stuff of everyday life into provocative authentic moments bursting across the stage. We explore the wonder of being human through original dance, music, story and song. We tell it like it is and how we wish it could be. You see a unique, unscripted performance created in the moment ? a different kind of improv!

Off the Deep uses the philosophy and practice of InterPlay to create exciting performances in the moment based on audience input around a compelling concert theme. We serve the community through benefit concerts for non-profit organizations and have raised funds for the Alliance of AIDS Services, New Visions Center for Art and Healing, The Scrap Exchange of Durham and Urban Ministries of Raleigh. ODE is available for presentations and performances at conferences, workshops, festivals and other community events.

Past concerts by Off The Deep End Ensemble include: ? Flying in the Face of Fear ? Faces of Healing ? Deep Gladness, Deep Hunger ? What The Body Wants ? Keeping It Together While Falling Apart ? Dancing on The Edge

For upcoming performances, go to and click on Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill and Performances. Ginny Going and Tom Henderson co-direct Off The Deep End Ensemble and are community artists, teachers and organizational consultants. They are certified InterPlay leaders and offer workshops, classes and performances across the country. They can be reached at 919-821-3723 or

Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players

Pittsburgh, PA

United States

817 706-4967

Founded in 2006 by Sheila Collins this InterPlay-based troupe includes: Richard Citrin, Lynn Coghill, Amy Couch, Jim Holland, LaVerne Dasrnell, (formerly Baker Hotep). Lois "Toni" McClendon, Pam Meadowcroft, Gail Ransom, Neil Straub, Laurie Tarter, and musicians, Jesse Landis-Eigsti and Elizabeth "Jett" Downing

The Company Formerly Known As

Stroudsburg, PA

United States


Anita Bondi has directed this company for well over a decade in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, performing in a variety of venues. Nearly all performances are fully improvised -- including instrumental music by Stan Stewart -- and using InterPlay forms. As of September, 2007, the company officially has no official name. Having no current identity has led us into new paths of creativity.

Outta Da Blue

Nashville, TN

United States


Constellation Performance Ensemble



The repertoire of our performance is drawn from our celebration of the International Day of Peace ( UNESCO). Constellation Performance Ensemble - relates to Interactive performance movement which includes dancing, singing, storytelling, poetry , music based on InterPlay practice.


Bento Gon?alves, RS - Brazil



Nadia Thalji is the Co-founder of the group called DEUCERTO in Brazil since 2009. InterPlay basic forms are part of the program that envolves youth and adults .