Transforming Oneself and Society: A Holistic Approach

Self and Social Transformation
Josefina V Gabuya

Durham, NC

between Aug 1 and 4, 2024

Combining InterPlay Forms and tools, magical activism, and some mindfulness practices in creating a better You and a society that cares for/support everyone's needs and enhances their well-being as persons with dignity and rights.This workshop will be offered to the non-binary and transgender activists who are members of the TransFaith and Action Network, based in Charlott, NC..




Avila Retreat Center

711 Mason Rd
Durham, NC 27712
Rustic hideaway, which caters to everyone's varying food needs.
Josefina V Gabuya
An interfaith non-binary and transgender ordained minister whose passion for balancing body, heart, and spirit has led them to use the InterPlay forms and tools in their ministry.

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