Gather the Wild & Colorado Interplay

Cultivating Connection & Self-Expression through Movement & the Creative Arts
Christine Gautreaux, MSW

Denver, CO

Sunday, February 4, April 7, June 2, August 4, October 6, and December 1, 2024 10 AM - 2 PM MT

Are you ready to step into a space of wildness, tenderness, and fierce connection?

Join us for a series of immersive and interactive workshops designed to unlock the untamed wisdom of the body, honor the power of community, and weave the beauty of nature into our journey.

In our playful and heart-centered series where all bodies are welcomed and affirmed, we'll explore the transformative elements of InterPlay. Dive deep into a world of movement, storytelling, and creative expression, and discover the profound healing and connection that comes from embracing your whole self.

Each workshop is thoughtfully crafted to create an environment that is both cozy and expansive to guide you through a journey that acknowledges individual and collective needs.

Let's build nests of belonging, explore the dynamic forces of movement, stillness, and voice, and recognize the sacredness of water, fire, earth, and air as we build a nature altar in our urban setting.

Led by seasoned facilitators, Christine (she/her) and Linds (they/them);

Christine brings her InterPlay Leader certification and 20 years of embodied facilitation and Linds brings their fourteen years as an educator and eight years of meditation experience together with their excitement for InterPlay as a Leader in training.

This series is the perfect opportunity to gather the wild pieces of ourselves and kindle a vibrant, accessible community of seekers, dreamers, and storytellers. Whether you're already an InterPlay enthusiast or a newcomer curious about the magic of body wisdom, you'll find a welcoming and nourishing space to explore, create, and connect.

Get ready to laugh, stretch, reflect, and breathe in the beauty of Colorado as we embark on a journey of play, affirmation, and interconnectedness. Each session promises to blend heart-opening explorations with restorative, wild wisdom.

Join us as we build a new and evolving InterPlay community in Colorado, and experience the profound depth, joy, and freedom that comes with honoring the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. It's time to gather together, unleash the untamed, and embrace the transformative power of InterPlay. Are you ready?

Dates Sunday, February 4, April 7, June 2, August 4, October 6, and December 1, 2024

Join us for one, several or all.

For More Information and to sign up: Register at Humanitix

Cost: Sliding Scale $40-$150 per retreat

Registration/Information: See Link to Humanitix above


Point of Balance Inca Street Collective

855 Inca St,
Denver, CO 80204
Christine Gautreaux, MSW
Christine (she/her) is dedicated to the pursuit of play, joy, art & social justice. Christine’s superpowers include connecting people, helping folks manifest their dreams, standing up against injustice and using art to make a difference in the world.

She currently uses performance art, movement, poetry, storytelling and InterPlay to address issues of oppression with women who are incarcerated, people living with severe and persistent mental illness and homelessness. She also works with activists and artists to maintain balance and self-care during these intense times we find ourselves living.

Pivoting with the times Christine has been called an expert on Zoom and utilizes this online platform to facilitate connection and ease in an online, interactive learning environment.

Christine Gautreaux holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work. She has professional experience with successful grant writing, community organizing and social media marketing. Christine is a life coach for caregivers who are burnt out and ready to take back their own life and make it delightful again. She is the co-author of Stillpoint: A Caregivers Playbook to find ease and to take a deep breath and reclaim joy and Women Connected in Wisdom: Stories and Resources Rooted in the 8 Dimensions of Wellnes V. I and V. II

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