Supportive and interactive session for educators with monthly rotating leaders

InterPlay in Education Online Inaugural Gathering

November, Thursday 16th, 2023
Carolyn Renée, Agnotti Cowie, Diane Rawlinson, and Sharie Bowman


Thursday, Nov 16th at 4 pm Pacific

Do you teach in some way?

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We all need more PLAY. All levels of experience (and those new to InterPlay) are encouraged to join us.

Each leader will share some of their "tricks of the trade" with plenty of time to share together.

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Carolyn Renée
Carolyn Renée Morris (she/her) is a teaching and healing artist with more than a decade of service/experience in the creative and healing arts. She’s the former executive director of the ArtsXchange, a 37-year-old art and social change organization, and Alternate ROOTS, a 44-year-old social justice organization lifting up art as activism in the Southeast USA. Carolyn Renée is committed to the pursuit of art and social justice, health, and well-being for BIPOC on the frontlines of advancing justice. She is a certified InterPlay Leader and in 2008 became a health and wellness practitioner to heal herself from an illness which led to combining the healing and creative arts. With InterPlay, she creates Sacred Space for BIPOC and partners with USA/Ghana-based A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute to ensure every home has an engaged artist/healer. She goes by “Carolyn Renée.”
Agnotti Cowie
Agnotti Cowie (they/them) attended the first ever “Art & Social Change: InterPlay for Millennial Leaders” in 2010. Since, she joined InterPlay’s national board as well as becoming a certified InterPlay leader. Agnotti facilitates workshops worldwide employing a variety of pedagogical techniques such as InterPlay, Theatre of the Oppressed, Devising, puppetry and clown. Currently they are based in Chicago where they lead workshops in schools, organizations and with social movements including as Co-Artistic Director of Opera-Matic, bringing participatory arts to public spaces. Recently, they have taken their work around the globe teaching InterPlay workshops in India, Germany, Australia, and Chile.
Diane Rawlinson
Diane holds an undergraduate degree in Dance Education from Ohio State and an MFA in performance and choreography from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has served on the dance faculties at the University of Akron, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and Northwestern University. Currently Diane is on the faculty at Loyola University of Chicago coordinating the Masters In Education/Dance Endorsement Partnership with the Chicago Public Schools. From 1991-2021 she taught dance, fine arts, and yoga at Wheeling High School in Illinois and uses InterPlay within the curriculum. Diane has introduced thousands of teens to InterPlay both at Wheeling and in workshop settings for dancers, poets, and theatre students in at state and national level conferences. She has also presented numerous workshops for educators on local and national levels. She is proud to be one of the first leaders certified by Phil and Cynthia...way back when... Diane is a wife, mother (of two adult sons), and was an active volunteer on Chicago's Dance for Life. She was a contributing editor/writer for Dance Spirit and Dance Teacher magazines (NYC) since from 1997-2019 with over 100 articles published. In 2002 she was named the NDA (National Dance Association) Midwest Dance Educator, in 2007 she was named University of Wisconsin Madison School of Education Distinguished Alumni Award receipient and credits InterPlay as the unique part of her work in the schools. In 2014 Diane was awarded Chicago's Ruth Page Award for her work as an advocate, mentor and educator. Diane is currently facilitating the InterPlay in Education initiative.
Sharie Bowman

Sharie Bowman, MA, LMHC is a Mental Health Counselor and also InterPlay's Regional Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest.  In 2006, Sharie completed her training as an InterPlay leader and also received her degree in mental health counseling, so InterPlay and counseling have been woven together in her bodyspirit from the start.  She finds InterPlay to be foundational in building and maintaining her personal resilience, as well supporting her work with clients.  In her private practice she regularly weaves InterPlay’s life-enhancing forms and philosophies with counseling wisdom to help individuals and families thrive.

Prior to 2006, Sharie worked as a high school math teacher and found InterPlay to be the best Teacher Training she ever received.  The improvisational skills that she developed immediately brought more play, creativity, and expression to her teaching as well as to classroom management.

Now Sharie finds great joy in bringing her organizational and instructional skills to the InterPlay classroom, and she often leads the foundational InterPlay Life Practice Program and mentors new leaders. She relishes sharing the joy of InterPlay far and wide, and supporting each participant in integrating InterPlay into their own lives!

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