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Big Body Stories Livestreamed!

Randy Newswanger and Phil Porter

Online, ONLINE

Tue Oct 4 • 3:35 pm PST, Thu Oct 13 • 2:35 pm PST, Wed Oct 19 • 3:35 pm PST, Mon Oct 24 • 2:35 pm PST

Subscribe to the Big Body Stories YouTube channel. That way you can also take part in the live stream chat and view videos later.

Tuesday 10/4 at 3:35 pm PT / 6:35 pm ET
Thursday 10/13 at 2:35 pm / 5:35 pm ET
Wednesday 10/19 at 3:35 pm / 6:35 pm ET
Monday 10/24 at 2:35 pm / 5:35 pm ET

Over the last two and half years, Randy Newswanger and Phil Porter have offered over 200 Big Body Stories classes on Zoom.

As a “grand experiment” we are setting up four dates in October when we will livestream these events on YouTube. Thanks to InterPlay leader Maryellen May for initiating this idea and helping get it organized!

You are invited to witness these events live on YouTube! The videos will also be posted on a special Big Body Stories YouTube channel for easy viewing at any time. Each story is about 5 minutes (we ring a bell!) so the whole event would be about 30-45 minutes.

Along with Randy and Phil three or four other storytellers will be in the group, so there will be five or six stories. In a regular class, before we each do a story, we do some warming up, I Could Talk Abouts, and DT1s in pairs. We will only be live streaming the series of 5-minute stories (this is why the streaming part begins at 35 minutes past the hour.)

The events will be casual, emphasizing InterPlay’s easy and accessible methods of storytelling and the power of regular folks telling their stories. We have found these sessions to be profound, moving, amusing, personal, and insightful, so we think the experience is worth sharing with others who might just want to witness.

NOTE: The links below were updated on 9/20/22. They are different than what we first publicized.

Here are the YouTube links for the four live streaming dates:

Tuesday, October 4th, 3:35 pm PST, 6:35 pm EST  
Thursday October 13th 2:35 pm PST, 5:35 pm EST
Wednesday, October 19th 3:35p PST 6:35 EST
Monday, October 24th 2:35p PST, 5:35p EST

Subscribe to the Big Body Stories YouTube channel. That way you can also take part in the live stream chat and view videos later.

Cost: Free!

Registration/Information: Subscribe to the YouTube channel above and use the links to watch.



Online, ONLINE
Randy Newswanger
Randy has degrees in physics and divinity. His experience includes teaching high school math and physics, working in philanthropy, and turning doodles into fine art prints. He desires to build just and sustainable communities, is exploring forest gardening, and tries to incorporate InterPlay philosophy as a core decision making tool in his life.
Phil Porter
Phil is one of the founders of InterPlay. He is a teacher, performer, writer, and organizer. With Cynthia Winton-Henry he is the co-founder of WING IT! Performance Ensemble, and has written several books, some in collaboration with Cynthia, including Having It All: Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit Together Again at Last and The Slightly Mad Rantings of a Body Intellectual Part One. Phil is particularly interested in the use of InterPlay in organizational life, and believes that InterPlay can be a powerful tool to create communities of diversity and peace.

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