A wellness program taught in InterPlay style!

Embodied Anxiety Relief Toolkit wellness program

Wellness Program
Áine deDanaan


6 weeks, beginning Wednesday: May 4th, May 11th, May 18th, May 25th, June 1st, June 8th, Noon - 1:15pm ET

This is a 6-week class, meeting once a week for 75 minutes, beginning on Wednesday, May 4th at 12pm ET on Zoom!

Simple and accessible tools to support more ease in life and freedom from generalized anxiety. The tools in this program draw on understandings from anatomy & physiology, wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, years of professional bodywork experience, as well as personal experience with the tools that have worked for both myself and clients. This "toolkit" program will be presented as a series of tools that build on each other, though each tool can also stand on its own.

Through the application of InterPlay tools and forms, I will be sharing and teaching the content from my Anxiety Relief Toolkit (A.R.T.). Participants will access the wisdom of their bodies in the process of learning and integrating these tools for transforming our relationships with anxiety!

Feel supported and nourished in community with others. Participants will have opportunities for sharing their experience and learning from each other through creative, gentle, and expressive practices. Together, participants will embark on a journey of learning, discovery, healing, and rejuvenation, as each person finds a path to greater freedom from anxiety.

As this program encourages the development of regular practice, even when not in the midst of acute anxiety, you are sure to feel supported in developing the tools you need, to find ease even in trying times.

Reclaim your center and calm. Through creative reflection and thoughtful play, develop and practice the tools that will support your transformation with this 6 week class.

There is tiered pricing for this event; I invite you to pay at the level you are able for this transformative work. All Participants, Supporters, and Sustainers will receive downloadable files of the Anxiety Relief Toolkit workbook and wallet guide pdfs. Additionally, Supporters and Sustainers will receive full access to the on-line program. Sustainers will be eligible for 1 one-to-one 60 minute A.R.T. follow-up support consultation or 5-Element Life Path exploratory session.

Cost: $90/$180/$300

Registration/Information: https://events.humanitix.com/anxiety-relief-toolkit-class


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Áine deDanaan
Áine deDanaan is a certified InterPlay Leader who has been participating in, leading, and working with InterPlay since 2000. She is a wise bodyworker who blends ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine with her own BodyWisdom into her highly skilled bodywork techniques. Áine received her Master's of Divinity from Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA in 2003 where she studied dance & creative arts as tools for transformation and worship, spirituality, dream work, and theology. Áine believes in making meaningful connections with all of the people with whom she works. She brings a multitude of skills, as informed by her life experiences and education, to her bodywork and InterPlay teaching.

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