Vocal Leading Wisdom from a Master Teacher

Vocal Play for InterPlay Leaders Part III

Focusing on Poetry, Trickster, Tempo, and Phrasing
Trish Watts

Trish Watts 2022, ONLINE

4 Thursdays • Aug 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2021 • 4–5:30 pm PT; 7–8:30 pm EDT

Sydney times: Fridays, August 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2021 at 9–10:30 am.

Note: You need not have taken Parts I & II to attend this series, but you can purchase the videos and materials for those here...

Australia InterPlay co-founder and voice expert Trish Watts will lead a 4-part workshop for InterPlay Leaders (members of the Leaders Circle) sharing her wealth of wisdom on working with the voice in a playful and improvisational way. This series will focus on poetry, the Trickster, tempo, and phrasing.

Explore various poetry forms, the joy and relief of the ‘Trickster’, and the colour that tempo and phrasing can bring in crafting songs and storytelling. We’ll focus more on solos, duets, trios and the power of witnessing each other as we improvise and learn from each other.

Trish has been a primary leader in exploring how we use voice, sound, and singing in InterPlay, bringing to bear her experience as a singer, composer, performer, choir leader, and practitioner of Voice Movement Therapy. She is a warm, open spirit encouraging everyone, including the most timid, to unlock the wisdom of their voices. She has taught all over the world.

You will receive a Zoom link from Trish before the series begins.

Sliding Scale
Note for Office (if needed)

Cost: $100-140 USD sliding scale

Registration/Information: Use the Pay Now button above for registration and payment. Email soul.voice@bigpond.com for info.


Online with Trish Watts

Trish Watts 2022, ONLINE
Trish Watts
A singer, songwriter, and educator with over 35 years experience as a performer, animator and creative arts facilitator in Australia and overseas. Co-founder of InterPlay Australia, she has completed studies in Voice Movement Therapy in the US. Trish has published over 8 collections of original music. She has been Music Director for both the Sydney and Cambodia Threshold Choirs, groups that sing at the bedsides of those struggling to live and die. She offers workshops and retreats in singing, creativity, spirituality and body wisdom. For more info see the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy, InterPlay Australia Association, and in the US: www.Interplay.org

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