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Art and Intimacy

Exploring the Creative Impulse
Liz Lescault

Washington, DC

Apr. 18, 9:45am-4:30pm & Apr. 19, 1-5:00pm limited to 16 participants

Together we will explore the creative process using InterPlay forms and visual art.  Finding inspiration through stories, movement, and song we will tap into the subconscious to bring more creativity into our daily lives. During the workshop we will we will pay attention to how we take in our environment and create intimacy with the world around us. We will engage each of our senses using what we absorb to nurture insight and inform our art? The workshop will include hands on art.  We will play with how we embody the making experience in a way that is accessible to everyone. 

"When the artist is alive in any person, whatever the work may be, they become inventive, daring and self-expressive. They become interesting to other people. Enlightening and opening the way for better understanding.” Robert Henri from “The Art Spirit”

Joining us with special offerings is Nicola Kapalai a Somatic Therapist and Media Producer. Clients look to her for support in deepening connection within themselves and their relationships. Within groups, Nicola  guides people to engage through their senses and play with the creator within. Utilizing the properties of water Nicola often facilitates experiences in warm water environments.  Besides managing her private practice in Minneapolis MN., she’s currently producing and co-hosting a video series exploring meaning and connection through the six senses.

Cost: Saturday $60.00 / Sunday $40.00 *Discounted for both days: $85 (supplies included)

Registration/Information: Mail check payable to InterPlay DC, to Peter Kent (Treasurer) 6827 4th Street NW, DC 20012/ for further information contact liz Lescault


Seekers Church

276 Carroll St. NW
Washington, DC 20012
Liz Lescault
Liz Lescault, a visual artist and sculptor, has practiced and taught art for over 40 years. Liz is Coordinator of the DC InterPlay Metro Region with Kate Amoss and is a member of the DC InterPlay Board. Currently, Liz melds her art, teaching and personal philosophy with InterPlay wisdom, tools and forms. Liz also leads InterPlay for elders with chronic illness and cognitive disabilities at Iona Senior Center, as well as leading InterPlay for Smith Center for Healing and the Arts offering programs for adults living with cancer and their caregivers.

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