Seeking to deepen embodied connection with the Divine?

Praying the Body

The Practice of InterPlay as Soulwork
Cynthia Winton-Henry

Berkeley, CA

July 9-13 9am-1pm

Cynthia Winton-Henry assists leaders around the world to befriend the mystery of body and soul. Based on research done at Pacific School of Religion she and Phil Porter crafted the philosophy and practice of InterPlay to unlock the wisdom of the body. Today people in churches, cathedrals, synagogues, classrooms, hospitals and churches use InterPlay in their creative and spiritual journey.

With the body at theological center, this course illuminates how diverse methods of embodied prayer illuminate different aspects of our relationship with the divine. Explore how body wisdom liberates the joy and possibility that prayer can be fun. Learn five modalities of soul making: movement, voice, word, stillness, and connections that allow spirit to move as it did in ancient, more embodied days.

Delve into embodying prayers for different occasions, ways to heal, and listen to the holy in new and surprising ways.

Cost: 1.5 credits - $990; audit - $495; 2.0 CEUs - $350

Registration/Information: 800/999-0528 EXT 8268 OR


Pacific School of Religion

1798 Scenic Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709-1323
This workshop will be held in the Mudd Building Room 100.
Cynthia Winton-Henry
Cynthia Winton-Henry, co-founder of InterPlay with Phil Porter, has researched "what the body wants" in the arts, in jails, shelters, slums, hospitals, churches, businesses, classrooms, doctoral programs in theology and the arts, and in multicultural education. She develops somatic curriculums to address racism, leadership for the Earth, and spiritual intelligence with an eye to supporting millennials. A featured speaker on the Body Intelligence Summit and a keynoter at conferences, Cynthia is the author of What the Body Wants, Having It All: Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit Together Again at Last; Dance - A Sacred Art: Discovering the Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice, Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey, and The Art of Ensoulment: A Playbook on How to Create From Body and Soul.. Check out her writing, The Dancing Center, on Substack, her Hidden Monastery Online Dance Chapels and courses for those seeking spiritual intelligence for our time at

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