Movement calls forth embodied wisdom, ease, and joy! Stillness breathes us.

Movement Alchemy

Connection, Freedom, Wisdom and Transformation through Movement and Awareness
Barbara K. Toshalis

Kalamazoo, MI

Contact Barbara to schedule private or group sessions.

Individual sessions incorporate InterPlay, Creative Movement and Authentic Movement to call forth body wisdom and inspire change and healing.

Cost: To be determined at scheduling. First session free.

Registration/Information: Barbara Toshalis at 269/365/0313 or


Movement Alchemy

4305 Persianwood Dr.,
Kalamazoo, MI 49006
Barbara K. Toshalis
Barbara has moved and danced in response to an inner spirit, music and Creation most of her life. As a spiritual director and InterPlay Leader she offers SoulPlay to individuals and groups in Michigan. SoulPlay deepens and transforms our bodyspirits, offering healing and joy through play and awareness in movement and stillness.

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