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3rd Saturday each month 2020
Susan Main

Oakland, CA

3rd Saturdays • Jan 18, etc. • 1–4 pm

Gather with a group of experienced InterPlayers. We will play hard, dive deeply, laugh uproariously, and support unconditionally. Use this affirming community to find new joy, clarify direction and let loose your best self. Or just come because it is so much fun!

Deepening will take place from 1–4 pm, continuing on the 3rd Saturdays of the month: Nov 16, Dec 21, 2019, etc.

Cost: $25-$45 sliding scale

Registration/Information: Call the InterPlay office at 510/465-2797 to register.



2273 Telegraph Avenue (at 23rd St.)
Oakland, CA 94612
InterPlayce is the center of the InterPlay universe. The offices for Body Wisdom, Inc. are also located here. The building is at the corner of 23rd and Telegraph, one block north of West Grand. It is just a few blocks from the 19th Street Downtown Oakland BART station, and on several convenient bus lines. On-street parking is always available at night and metered during the day. It is also easily accessible by several of the major freeways. Click here for a map.
Susan Main
Susan Main has her BA in Dance and Theater from UC Santa Cruz and has been leading InterPlay and performing with Wing It! Performance Ensemble since 1995. Her leading experience includes Interplay Camp, New Years Eve Retreats, Untensives, Monday women's group, monthly Deepening and the Leadership Program. She infuses InterPlay into her 12-step recovery work, nature play, tap dancing, dance teaching, attitude and life. Her specialty: creating a safe and playful haven for creativity and truth...wit and laughter.

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