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Wisdom of the Body ~ InterPlay Monthly Groups

Active, Creative, Life-changing!
Jane Siarny

Geneva, IL

2nd Saturdays in 2020 1/11, 2/8, 3/14
2nd Fridays (upon request) 6:30-9:00 pm 2/7 & 3/13

This group offers a soulful place to discover practices that develop ease in movement, voice, stillness, connection and storytelling. InterPlay is a practice and philosophy rooted in the power of play. It's an easy to learn, creative process.
InterPlay balances experiences of reflection and activity. Integrating body, mind, heart and spirit, It celebrates and creates connection and community. Through this simple form of play, we learn more about ourselves and each other.
InterPlay is incremental, affirming, and something that anybody can do! It opens paths of connection between people-- between cultures and faiths.
BONUS - make a day or a weekend of play
Join us on most Saturdays 10:00-11:30 am for Spirit in Motion ~ Dance, Yoga, and InterPlay and/or request a Friday pm session when we have our monthly 2nd Saturday sessions in 2020.

Cost: Per Session: $30 1st time or $55 thereafter
$125 for 3 month commitment
financial assistance is available

Registration/Information: 630/715-8590


Geneva United Methodist Church

211 Hamilton
Geneva, IL 60134
ample parking, wheelchair accessible, 1 hour West of Chicago
Jane Siarny
Jane Siarny is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through creativity, community building and body-wise practices. For her, InterPlay has opened the door to an integrated spiritual practice that allows for creativity, community and growth. The Online Dance Chapel has been the best way for her to consistently share the transformative power of InterPlay. A Dance Chapel leader for over 2 years, she is happy to be offering a Sunday option starting April 5, 2020. Jane also is the InterPlay Life Practice Program Coordinator and has led numerous Life Practice groups since 1999. Jane’s story can be found in MOVE: What the Body Wants by InterPlay co-creators Cynthia Winton-Henry with Phil Porter.

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