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InterPlay Leaders/People of Color Points of Connection

hosted by Carolyn Renée & Masankho Banda
Carolyn Renée and Masankho Banda

Online, ONLINE

Wednesdays • March 28 at 10 am EST, May 30 at 12 pm CST, July 25 at 8 pm PST/9 pm MST

InterPlay Co-Liaisons to Leaders of Color Carolyn Renée and Masankho Banda invite all InterPlay People of Color and Leaders of Color to join them in one or all of a series of Points of Connection Zoom video conference meet-ups.

These online events will build on the energy of the 2018 New Year Jam and create a place for all to get to know each other, to use the InterPlay forms online and to connect heart to heart. They will lead up to the 2018 InterPlay Leaders Gathering in Pennsylvania in August.

They will take place on the last Wednesday of every other monthMarch 28 at 10 am EST, May 30 at 12 pm CST and July 25 at 8 pm PST/9 pm MST.

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Cost: Free

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Online, ONLINE
This will be an online event which could originate from anywhere in the world and would be open to anyone around the world.
Carolyn Renée
Carolyn Renée is a teaching and performing artist, InterPlay Leader, organizer and administrator. She serves humanity as an organizer, teaching artist and InterPlay Leader. Since 2006 she has been a teaching artist with Synchronicity Theatre’s “Playmaking For Girls” (PFG) program that empowers incarcerated girls, refugees, and young women in foster care through play-writing, storytelling, and theater performances. Carolyn Renée has written two plays, one of which she received funding from Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. In InterPlay, an organization that is committed to using the art of InterPlay; an art-based system to tap into the wisdom of the body and promote well-being, she has produced community showcases, taught homeless men and women, and organized racial equity and transformation workshops. She serves as a Co-Liaison Leader to InterPlay Leaders and People of Color. In May 2017, Carolyn Renée served as the lead organizer for the national InterPlay organization’s first ever People of Color Retreat. She solidified her art and activist roots in her former roles as Arts Program Director with the Mississippi Arts Commission, and Executive Director of Alternate ROOTS, a nonprofit art and social change organization for artists-activists. For a decade her work with Alternate ROOTS, and the Mississippi Arts Commission afforded her the opportunity to work closely with social change artists, art producers and presenters; the nonprofit arts community, and a myriad of arts organizations throughout the southeast United States and the District of Columbia. Serving in an organizing role she helped create undoing racism workshops, mini-festivals, learning exchanges, retreats, showcases and conferences. In September 2018, she served as advisor to the Atlanta venue of the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival in support of youth performers for more than 50,000 youth audience participants in nine states throughout the USA. Carolyn Renée believes the work of community organizing is like riding a bicycle, or swimming—once you know how you just never forget how to create superb opportunities for connection. She uses "Carolyn Renée" as her full name.
Masankho Banda
Masankho is a multi - disciplinary Performing Artist, Certified InterPlay Leader, Educator and PeaceBuilder. He brings many unique perspectives to his work around the world. He learned the fine arts of storytelling and dance from his Malawian culture spending many long days and nights listening to stories and dancing to music that captivated his mind, shaped his being, nourished his soul and strengthened his spirit. Using performing arts Masankho motivates and inspires people of all ages to work together to bring about peace, social justice and cultural understanding. In 1997, he started UCanDanc? African Healing Arts to bring his passion for dance and storytelling to communities around the world. Masankho has been a Certified InterPlay Leader since 1999.

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