Relax, Laugh, and Come Alive in Community Though Play!

InterPlay Vallejo

Open Your Joy, Wisdom and Creativity, Free of Judgement and Full of Fun
Jeanette Logan, Susan Main, and June Goudey

Vallejo, CA

Saturday: Sept 23, Oct 14, Nov 4, Dec 2 10:30-12:30pm

Play often gets a bad rap. Something frivolous we work in if we "have time." PLAY is often confused with passive entertainment. On the contrary, PLAY is about being curious. It's about being present and going with what's unfolding. It is an act of engagement, of inclusion. PLAY feeds creativity. It can be messy, reverent, beautiful, awkward, hilarious and very serious. PLAY creates sustainable pleasure and connection.

Join us to relieve stress, open your joy and creativity. You don't even have to think of yourself as creative. You can easily learn that part with simple, incremental “forms" that lead us to ease, amusement, and often deep discovery. Stay light, go deep, whatever feels right to you. Come spark your soul, celebrate your gifts and be a part of an uplifting, affirming and nourishing group. Introverts and extroverts are welcome. Wear comfortable clothes and bring an open mind and willingness to connect and play with others. Would LOVE to have you join us!

Cost: $5-$15 Suggested Donation

Registration/Information: Contact Jeanette Logan for Info at 707/567-1396.


Sandpiper Point

413 Avalon Circle
Vallejo, CA 94589
This is the beautiful park that is located in the middle of Sandpiper Point neighborhood in Vallejo. Arrive at the above address and the park is across the street. There is plenty of free street parking. Call June at (310) 386-8021 if you need help with directions.
Jeanette Logan
Susan Main
Susan Main has her BA in Dance and Theater from UC Santa Cruz and has been leading InterPlay and performing with Wing It! Performance Ensemble since 1995. Her leading experience includes Interplay Camp, New Years Eve Retreats, Untensives, Monday women's group, monthly Deepening and the Leadership Program. She infuses InterPlay into her 12-step recovery work, nature play, tap dancing, dance teaching, attitude and life. Her specialty: creating a safe and playful haven for creativity and truth...wit and laughter.
June Goudey
Retired UCC Minister and avid golfer. Currently part of a group starting Interplay in Vallejo

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