InterPlay group forming in NW Indiana!

Wisdom of the Body Group

Rest~Refresh~Renew Body & Spirit through play
Jane Siarny and Marcia Smith-Wood

Valparaiso, IN

Saturdays TBA 9:15 - 11:45 am

InterPlay is a global social movement dedicated to ease, connection, human sustainability and play. It helps us connect body, mind, heart, and spirit. InterPlay is used in education, spiritual direction, therapy, churches, and prisons—just to name a few. Through movement, storytelling, & sound, we open up to what works best for us, what gives us purpose, what makes us feel fully alive, what gives us grace. These monthly InterPlay sessions are designed with ample warm up, reflection and movement. Experience 2 1/2hours of InterPlay to renew and refresh your body, mind, heart and spirit. No prior experience is needed. stay tuned for Valparaiso or South Bend dates & location! Facilitator Jane Siarny, MFA, 200 CYT, and certified InterPlay® leader is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through creativity, community and spiritual practice. Her training and inspiration draws from classical & modern dance, improvisation, singing, poetry, yoga and InterPlay. Jane currently teaches yoga & InterPlay in the Chicago area. She has performed and taught in colleges/universities, community centers, churches and schools. Co-organizer is Marcia Smith-Wood, is a Presbyterian minister and InterPlay leader. To register: please contact: Marcia Smith-Wood at 219-869-0351 or (Valpo 1st Pres. members FREE) Cost: $30 per session prepaid one week prior to workshop. Or $40 on day of workshop. Pre-register for all three: $80 Make checks payable to: Marcia Smith-Wood and send to 127 N. Franklin St., Rensselaer, IN 47978 Created by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter, InterPlay is celebrating 25 years of creating communities of affirmation and JOY.

Cost: $105 for 3 sessions $45 on day of workshop.

Registration/Information: Marcia Smith-Wood at 219-869-0351 or


Valparaiso First Presbyterian Church

3401 N. Valparaiso Street
Valparaiso, IN
Jane Siarny
Jane Siarny is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through creativity, community building, and body-wise practices. For me, InterPlay opens the door to an integrated spiritual practice that allows for freedom and growth. Throughout my dance career and yoga teaching I have found InterPlay to be the one practice where I can express all of myself; body, mind, heart and spirit. The Online Dance Chapel is one of the best ways for me to consistently share the transformative power of InterPlay. Jane also is the InterPlay Life Practice Program Coordinator, has led numerous Life Practice groups since 1999, and is a Mentor & Facilitator in the InterPlay Leader Training Program. Jane’s story can be found in MOVE: What the Body Wants by InterPlay co-creators Cynthia Winton-Henry with Phil Porter.
Marcia Smith-Wood
Marcia Smith-Wood discovered InterPlay in 2004 while in the Bay Area studying to become a Spiritual Director. Back home in northwest Indiana, she searched and found Chicago InterPlay, and fell in love with InterPlay’s contagiously creative joy, depth, beauty and physicality of grace. She went on to become an InterPlay leader. As a progressive minister, she uses InterPlay with the spiritual retreats she leads for all ages. Recently retired from pastoral ministry, her life continues to expand with joy, letting InterPlay be a part of her work as a Spiritual Director, a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, artist, poet, and Dream Group Leader. Being a trained InterPlay leader is part of her spiritual call to live fully, deeply and joyfully as a healing presence in this world.

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