Lee Edwards and Kathi (Kat) Brown




Lee Edwards
Lee Edwards is a Body-Mind Therapist, teacher, and workshop leader. She loves using creative expression, drama, movement, and InterPlay for self-exploration and personal growth, as well as for the joy and fun of it. She deeply appreciates how InterPlay weaves together many threads into one cohesive joyful whole, and is thrilled to be bringing InterPlay to Traverse City (where she currently lives), and to Ann Arbor (her original home town)!
Kathi (Kat) Brown
Kat Brown has been in the dance world most of her life. She has a Masters in Dance and Fine Arts and has continually been a seeker for the spiritual component through movement. Kat's life-long passionate search for her own truth has happily lead to Interplay! She lives in Traverse City and leads InterPlay there, and has collaborated with Lee Edwards in bringing InterPlay to Ann Arbor as well. Major goals: to bring InterPlay to special populations,their families and mentors recovery programs corporate wellness programs retirement communities schools and Colleges veterans PTSD

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