Taste the Physicality of Gratitude, Grace and Ease

Darlene Kucken

Asheville, NC

Friday, July 6, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the busyness of Summer?

Feeling like you need a little break from the "I've got too much to do!"

Feeling a split between your Body and Spirit?

Want to create more energy and abundance for yourself and others?

Want to dig deep down and feel more Gratitude?

Want more Stillness and Ease?

You can find a bit of all this and more in the simple use of InterPlay forms for the connection of body, mind and spirit!

Join with others seeking the same!
We create an affirming, relaxing, playful environment to have more
Gratitude, Grace and Ease.

No experience is necessary, just bring your willing spirit.

Led by: Darlene Kucken, Certified InterPlay Leader

When: July 6, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Where: Town and Mountain Realty, 261 Asheland Ave. Go up the ramp behind the building. Plenty of free parking!

Cost: Donation of $10-$20 requested.

Cost: $10-$20

Registration/Information: Darlene Kucken at 919/623/7037


Training Center studio at Town and Mountain Realty

261 Asheland Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801
Directions: 261 is on the corner of Asheland Ave (becomes McDowell) and Pfifer St (becomes Southside), just south of Asheville's downtown. Town and Mountain's "Training Center" studio entrance is behind the building, accessed from either side. You can find it either by turning into the parking lot off of Asheland (building has "261" prominently displayed), park, and walk up a flight of metal stairs behind and to the right of the building, OR enter the first driveway on the right off of Phifer. Park and walk along the far wall on long "ramp" leading to the studio door. This entrance is fully accessible with no stairs. Map available on location webpage. Bathrooms, lounge, and kitchen with refridgerator and stove are connected to the studio.
Darlene Kucken
Darlene has been exploring InterPlay forms and practices for about 13 years (give or take) and has definitely had her life enhanced by these practices. You would never know she used to be an introverted wall flower! After just a short time doing InterPlay she came to realize how much her energy made a difference in a room of people. So there's no telling what difference her Big Body Spirit could make on the planet if she just let it shine! She now improvises her Life (quite well, thank you) using the learned tools, forms and practices of InterPlay. She attributes her playfulness to InterPlay, and also her quest for deeper meaning in her life and the life of the community she surrounds herself with. She witnesses how much InterPlay can bring out the most in those that bring a willingness of spirit to the InterPlay practices.

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