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Big Body Stories: Your Life As Art

Story as Medicine, Transformation, and Blessing
Cynthia Winton-Henry

Oakland, CA

7 Weds, Jan 17–Mar 7, 2018 • 7-9 pm (no class on Feb 14)

InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. Personal story-telling is one of InterPlay's key forms. InterPlayful story-telling strengthens our ability to speak truthfully and artfully when and where we want. The more we tell the more we understand that the way we speak and what we tell is our life and our art! This is a blessing.

Come learn tools for little and big embodied "tellings." Practice the mundane and the wild, with plenty of room to talk plain, to sing, dance, hum, speak in other languages, and who knows what. Explore the intersection of communal and individual stories in a dedicated space where truth glistens and teller and listener both find surprise and insight.

The last night will be dedicated to sharing stories that have grown, want to be retold, or that are fresh. Friends and family are invited.

Working on a project or performance piece? Have some writing that you want to explore in an embodied way? This could be a great space for you.

Big Body Stories Registration

Cost: $250/ $200 pre-registered by Jan 10, 2018/$150 low income

Registration/Information: info@interplay.org 510-465-2797



2273 Telegraph Avenue (at 23rd St.)
Oakland, CA 94612
InterPlayce is the center of the InterPlay universe. The offices for Body Wisdom, Inc. are also located here. The building is at the corner of 23rd and Telegraph, one block north of West Grand. It is just a few blocks from the 19th Street Downtown Oakland BART station, and on several convenient bus lines. On-street parking is always available at night and metered during the day. It is also easily accessible by several of the major freeways. Click here for a map.
Cynthia Winton-Henry
Cynthia Winton-Henry, co-founder of InterPlay with Phil Porter, has researched "what the body wants" in the arts, in jails, shelters, slums, hospitals, churches, businesses, classrooms, doctoral programs in theology and the arts, and in multicultural education. She develops somatic curriculums to address racism, leadership for the Earth, and spiritual intelligence with an eye to supporting millennials. A featured speaker on the Body Intelligence Summit and a keynoter at conferences, Cynthia is the author of What the Body Wants, Having It All: Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit Together Again at Last, Dance: A Sacred Art: Discovering the Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice, and Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey,. Currently writing on Body Wisdom and Social Justice and on "Ensoulment," she coaches leaders seeking spiritual intelligence for our time at cynthiawinton-henry.com.

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