Unlock the Wisdom of Your Body!

The Secrets of InterPlay in Durham, NC

Change your life, change your world.
Terry McCarthy and Laurece West

Durham, NC

Sept 14-17, 2017: Thursday 7:00 - 9:00 pm; Friday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm; Saturday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm; Sunday 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

InterPlay is a system of improv that enhances creativity and allows people (especially adults) to play. InterPlay unlocks the wisdom of the body. Distinctly different from comedy or acting improv, InterPlay is about self-expression and noticing what we experience. Because we are freeing our stories, songs, dances, movement and stillness, and playing with a community, we get to explore our lives and creativity together.

Participants learn the forms, concepts and tools that are the "Secrets of InterPlay." The forms are the "play" part. We play all together - soloing at the same time and creating as a group. Each of the spoken word, storytelling, movement, dance and song forms are taught incrementally, step by step. We have a clear beginning and understanding of the middle, where each adds their individual contribution, and together we find an ending.

The concepts and tools help us look for the good, find our inner authority, understand our body data/knowledge/wisdom, exform (release, opposite of inform) our stress and overwhelm, take things incrementally, and find the physicality of grace. The result is more ease and clarity in every part of life.

In this 3.5 day program you will learn, play, connect in community, and have fun.

The Secrets of InterPlay may be taken separately, however it is designed as part of the InterPlay Life Practice Program. The Secrets of InterPlay is followed by the InterPlay Life Practice Program - one Saturday a month for 8 months. It begins October 21.

Get your body, mind, heart, and spirit all on the same page. Learn about yourself through connection and community. Create more ease and fun in your life.

Continuing Education Credit 15 CE credits for RNs, MSWs, LPCs, MFTs. *No partial credits will be given. CE preregistration deadline is no later than Sept 1, 2017.

Notify Body Wisdom staff at time of registration that you want CEs. A CE fee of $25 will be due at time of preregistration. CEs are offered through Commonwealth Educational Seminars. Please see the Commonwealth website for specific information regarding disciplines covered.

Cost: $350 tuition ($250 for repeaters) plus $40 space use fee. (Secrets tuition is included in the Life Practice Program tuition - not additional.)

Registration/Information: Contact the Body Wisdom office at 510-465-2797 or info@interplay.org. More info: Terry McCarthy (919) 265-4107 or Laurece West (919) 383-4876


Health Touch Conference Center

3500 Westgate Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Terry McCarthy
Terry McCarthy is a teacher, performing artist and InterPlay leader with a day job at a computer company. He is a founding member of Off the Deep End Ensemble and former director of Inner Voices vocal ensemble. Terry is a former elementary school teacher with a BS degree in Arts for Children with Music Emphasis. He teaches InterPlay performance, storytelling and writing classes. Terry serves as a bodyspirit mentor with the Raleigh InterPlay Life Practice Program.
Laurece West
Laurece West is a Voice and Performance Coach, Recording Artist and InterPlay Leader. She is married to Terry McCarthy and together they lead the InterPlay Life Practice Program and direct the InterPlay performance troupe Impromptu Players in Durham, NC. Impromptu Players is primarily a service organization performing in Ronald McDonald Houses, children and adolescent hospital psych wards, convalescent centers, and libraries, with one public performance a season. Through her work with vocalists Laurece has cataloged the benefits of InterPlay for performers and presenters. These findings apply to everyone! Read more about the results of practicing InterPlay on the Session Structure page at www.laureceweststudios.com. here

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