Stillwater, MN

Rosemary Senjem LAMFT

aka Rosie

Certified InterPlay Leader

I am a relational therapist serving the state of Minnesota with couples therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy. I work with couples, families, and individuals who want to improve their relationships with themselves and their loved ones. Whether it’s the family we come from or the family we made, I believe that family is the core source of strength for each family member to explore life.

I specialize in these areas:

Therapeutic Approaches

I use these approaches often, although not exclusively.

Your feelings are always welcome. Feelings have logic and patterns. I listen for that logic. Together we notice the patterns that trip you up and bog you down in the same old arguments that seem to go nowhere or threaten a relationship. We work to build new patterns that support you, your partner, and your relationship(s). This approach is called emotionally-focused therapy (EFT).

We have different parts of ourselves inside. (The inner child is only the most famous one.) When things are going well, our parts can work together as an unnoticed internal team. However, when there is a conflict in your inner team, you know it. One part really wants to go have a good time and another part wants to keep working to get that report done or be a homebody. You get the idea. Working with your parts to help them be a better team or heal a past trauma are part of an approach called Internal Family Systems (IFS).

It sometimes helps to take what is in your head and your heart and put it in your hands so you can see it, reflect on it, make choices about it, play with it, heal it or help it become something else. We have options. This can look like playing with colors on paper, movement, sound, and more. This approach to therapy is called using expressive arts. In addition to specific training in the use of expressive arts in therapy, I have training and 20 years of experience in using improvised movement, sound, and storytelling to discover body wisdom through a practice called InterPlay.

I am an ally to people experiencing oppression in all its forms. These intersecting communities include, and are not limited to, BIPOC families, LGBTQ+ families, people who are differently-abled and their families, people living with food and housing insecurity, and people seeking nonviolent interactions with the healthcare and government systems. I aim to practice cultural humility while supporting people to navigate and change oppressive systems.

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