Bellevue, WA

Deanna Murray

Certified InterPlay Leader

Deanna Murray discovered more than ten years ago the value of InterPlay in her life as a woman, as a minister, and as a spiritual director. Deanna began participating in a weekly playgroup in Minneapolis. Since that time, she moved to the Seattle area and is now a graduate of the Seattle-based InterPlay Leadership Program. She says, "InterPlay is a life giving spiritual practice which brings me into the 'moment', opens me to a playful approach to life, and grounds me in my own body wisdom." Deanna has been playing with the tools of InterPlay since 1995, leading small and large groups, introducing movement and play in retreat settings, and inviting embodiment in worship. She is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, a spiritual director and a local pastor of a renewing congregation on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Often Deanna leads play groups at WomanSpirit, a lovely retreat center on Cougar Mountain in Issaquah, Washington.

Bellevue, WA
United States

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