Elk Rapids, MI

Barbara Termaat

aka Barb, Ceriva

Certified InterPlay Leader

Through my InterPlay practice, I am discovering the well of creativity hidden beneath years of being "responsible". I am a lifelong lover of freeform dancing, and formerly performed as a bellydancer and spirit dancer. InterPlay reconnects me with this love and release, and goes much deeper through noticing and sharing. I particularly found the Life Practice program to be incredibly rich and transformative in processing a major life change. My years of experience as a teacher, trainer and coach provide a strong basis for developing my leader practice. Co-teaching with Kat Brown has been a powerful learning tool as well since we live far away from most other InterPlayers. I feel very blessed to have found InterPlay as a practice within community, and look forward to sharing this love with others for years to come.

402 Traverse St
Elk Rapids, MI 49629
United States

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