Goshen, IN

Linda Schlabach Miller

Life Practice Program Leader

Certified InterPlay Leader

Linda Schlabach Miller has been doing InterPlay under the direction of Cynthia Winton-Henry / Phil Porter, since 1988. She was a part of the first away Leadership Training Program and is certified as an InterPlay Leader. She teaches InterPlay in Goshen, Indiana along with her partner in play, John Glick and enjoys the luxury of being invited to use InterPlay forms in worship at her Mennonite Church. Linda has taught Life Practice Programs in Goshen, Kalamazoo, Michigan and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Linda is currently mentoring 4 Leaders in Training. Linda enjoys telling people that she is a recovering serious person (to get a reaction) and sighing audibly in public places.

1007 South 12th Street
Goshen, IN 46526
United States

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