Camp Springs, MD

Laura Johnson

Certified InterPlay Leader

Laura Johnson is an ordained minister of Association of Faith Churches Ministries who is in her element ministering one on one on city streets or in places of brokenness such as abused women’s shelters, or bedside in a hospital. Her teaching is up close and personal because she has the double gifts of teacher-evangelist. Although comfortable in a classroom setting she does her finest teaching in lease likely places. As a Certified Interplay Leader Laura brings self awareness by incorporating Body Spirit into her practice as she ministers to individuals or groups. Evangelist Johnson recognizes that Interplay is not only a stress breaker but a health motivator. With the many forms in interplay Evangelist Johnson began to recognize and become acquainted with her own body spirit through body wisdom, by adopting the wholeness of heart, mind, body, and spirit. Evangelist Laura Johnson is an enthusiastic leader who uses the tools of Interplay as an added feature in her spiritual walk. . Not many people can be in her presence for long without being imprinted by her anointing (Body Wisdom). Interplay is not only National but International. It is inspiring to be a part of such a valuable organization called Body Wisdom, Inc.

5507 Gunston Lane
Camp Springs, MD 20746
United States

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