Overland Park, KS

Devi Wetterer

Life Practice Program Leader

Certified InterPlay Leader

Devi enjoys leading and sharing her passion for InterPlay since discovering this art in 2008. She completed the Life Practice Program at InterPlayce in Oakland and Leaders Training in 2009. Since her return to the Midwest, Devi organizes InterPlay Untensives/ Life Practice Program as well as leads weekly/monthly playgroups for adults, intergeneration, youth and disabilities in Missouri and Kansas. She also practices Physical Therapy at a variety of clinical settings and is on the Board of Kutumba, a non-profit organization for the Arts and Self Awareness serving youth and the Next Generation. Devi considers InterPlay as meditation in motion which allows participants to connect more deeply with their body, soul and heart moving from the inside out. Play is where I find beauty and grace. Life is a Dance. Learning to blend the myriad experiences of life with acceptance and grace allows you to move forward with greater ease and rewarding results. This is the artistry and gift of InterPlay.

PO BOX 23511
Overland Park, KS 66283
United States

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