Guidelines for InterPlay
Racial Equity & Transformation
Mini Grants 2020

Download a pdf version of the guidelines.


RET Mini Grant IllustrationDear InterPlay Leaders: 


We hope that you, your families and circles of care are in good health, companionship and support during these increasingly demanding times. We are witnessing and experiencing a time of great conflict and transformation. With the racial uprisings in resistance to white violence in the the USA, layered with the already existing COVID-19 pandemic, the ways we gather, convene and play has been radically altered. We are concerned for the livelihoods of many, particularly creatives, community and cultural workers, at a time when their voices and understanding of equity and inclusion are needed to support transformation of systemic racism and violence. The practice of InterPlay, rooted in birthright practices, of voice, movement, storytelling, and body wisdom, is a remarkable asset during times of crisis. Interplay can create space for personal expression, release, healing, and body wisdom to be heard while increasing grounding, connection and community.

The body wisdom and voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color are needed now more than ever. It is for this reason, that the Racial Equity Committee and Body Wisdom Board, Inc., commit to providing grants to increase your voices and to honor our values of racial equity, justice and transformation using the InterPlay practice forms and tools. We are inviting all Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) InterPlay Leaders to enliven the Racial Equity and Transformation Statement through your offerings and activities. We seek to particularly support and center the body wisdom and leadership of Black InterPlay Leaders and the work within their communities. We welcome the collaboration of White Leaders as allies, who are part of a multi-racial team in these offerings.

The RET Committee sees the support and development of these gatherings as one expression of IntePlay’s Racial Equity & Transformation commitment, to “sew cultural competency into the fabric of our teaching, training, communications, and outreach”. This is a way for InterPlay Leaders to contribute to the programmatic work that leads to deeper authentic partnerships, to create new ways of living and being, and create more space to “draw out people’s embodied wisdom and personal stories.”


To embolden Leaders to play with and explore integration of the Racial Equity Transformation Statement by: 


InterPlay Leaders are invited to explore ways to engage the InterPlay Racial Equity and Transformation Statement into your play communities, and/or with people and organizations that are connected to the spirit of InterPlay and racial equity and transformation. The activities will ultimately be what you feel are unique and most effective in your context and communities.

Possible Offerings

We invite a wide and creative scope of ways in which the offerings/activities take place—from workshops and gatherings to installations and creative inquiries. Given COVID-19 we appreciate that new and creative modes of engaging the community virtually or from a distance are necessary. There are resources and support available to assist in the transition from in-person to social distancing forms of engagement—such as tutorials on how to lead InterPlay online, 1-on-1 support from RET Committee coordinator/members on leading online, request of funds to access a zoom account, etc.


Possible offerings could include, yet are not limited to:

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants are InterPlay Certified Leader or Leader-in-Training
  2. If you are a Leader-In-Training, your application is supported by a Certified Leader. This is to support the spirit of on-going mentorship and support in your offering
  3. The project is co-created and co-facilitated with BIPOC leaders—this means that Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color (BIPOC) InterPlay leaders/community collaborators, and their body wisdom, are a guiding presence in the offering from inception to completion. We are open to projects that include white leadership as part of a multiracial team, provided they are in deep partnership with leaders and collaborators of color.
  4. The project engages a diverse population of participants/includes BIPOC participation.

2020 Grant Schedule & Deadlines

The Racial Equity and Transformation committee will fund a minimum of (10) Racial Equity and Transformation grants ranging from $250-$1000 over the 2020 grant period.  Below is a detailed schedule of the 4 grant cycles for 2020. Each cycle includes an application deadline, RET Committee Review Period, and notification date. Each grantee has a full year to complete grant activities and an additional 30 days to submit a final report.

Please Note: Applicants can apply for more than one project per cycle, and can apply for all 4 cycles. However, preference will be given to funding first-time applicants.

Cycle I

Cycle II

Cycle III

Cycle IV

RET Statement & Forms

Please review the InterPlay Racial Equity and Transformation Statement.

RET Mini-Grants Application Form

RET Mini-Grants Final Report Form


Both the application & report form are Google forms which are submitted directly online.  We suggest writing and saving your responses in a word file before cutting, pasting and submitting your form.

Download a pdf version of the guidelines.