Alpharetta, GA

Canan Arikan

InterPlay Leader in Training

Canan Arikan is an entrepreneur, women’s advocate, and InterPlayer Leader-in-Training. She has more than 15 years of volunteer work supporting and empowering women and youth. Since arriving in the United States two years ago, she has earned the Level-1 Certificate in Applied InterPlay and co-created 4 InterPlay workshops and one English-language 5-workshop series to support international women and her wider community. In 2018, asylum seeker Canan and her collaborator Ruth Schowalter founded “Sustaining International Sisters” (SIS) to bring together asylum seekers, other international women, and U.S. citizens in the metro-Atlanta. Canan holds an MBA and completed graduate studies for a PhD in Management and Organization.

Alpharetta, GA
United States

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