Stillwater, OK

Janina Graves

InterPlay Leader in Training

After a decade of voluntary and professional work in higher education systems and faith-based institutions, Janina is currently taking a sabbatical for restoration, exploration and discernment for what the next 10 years may have in store. In October & November 2017, she is taking an approximately 7,000 mile road trip and is fulfilling her teaching requirements by visiting InterPlay communities across the United States. Janina discovered InterPlay through Betsey Beckman (Seattle, WA) and a couple months later found herself immersed in InterPlay through the Millennials Art & Social Change program at InterPlayce. She is in the midst of the Leader's Training process and is ever grateful for what she's learned and continues to learn! She will complete the training process by 2017; she does not yet have areas of specialty with InterPlay but has marked settings and populations that represent her past work and volunteer experiences. She also has full working proficiency in the Spanish language.

Stillwater, OK
United States

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