St. Paul, MN

Celia Swanson

Life Practice Program Leader

Certified InterPlay Leader

Hi! I am one of the many wonderful leaders for the Twin Cities' InterPlay community. You will find me at most of the PlayGroups happening, and I offer classes frequently.

I am a wildly happy, playful and energetic person, with much to offer anyone who wants to enter into a spirit of creative play with me!

I frequently teach introductory InterPlay classes, and I am also available to teach specialized workshops and courses, and to offer coaching in personalized sessions using InterPlay, including:

**Life Coaching (my company is "Playing With Blocks". I help you figure out ways to move past the things that get in your way of what it is you want.)

**Creative Writing

**InterPlay singing and music making

**InterPlay storytelling/Big Body Stories

**Developing your artistic spirit (especially watercolor painting)

**Spiritual development

**Creative healing, energy and body work/InterPlay Reiki

**Positive body image practice

**InterPlay performance skills

**Acting workshops.

I can also customize any sort of workshop, class or personalized session you might want. Please contact me if you are interested in taking an introductory InterPlay class, or wish to hire me to lead a workshop! ( Let's PLAY!!

St. Paul, MN
United States

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